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Waking up to a flood in your home is an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. When you find that your home has sudden water damage from a flash flood, sewer backup, burst pipe, drain overflow, plumbing fixture leak, roof leak or another problem, you need fast and dependable service. Aloha Restoration is a family-owned and operated business offers professional emergency water removal services that you can rely on. When deciding whether or not to clean up a water mess, be aware of these conditions.

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Professional water removal service

Extensive Damage

When your home has extensive water damage, it is best to hire a contractor for water removal services. Extensive damage could be an entire level of your house, one or both units in a duplex or the basement and its mechanical systems. While you might be able to handle the cleanup of one room on your own, extensive damage may be too much for you to deal with on your own. Trying to pull out the carpets or tile floors, remove damaged furniture and sort through your waterlogged belongings is time-consuming and physically difficult.


Deep Standing Water

If your home has more than a couple of inches of standing water in it, leave the removal to the water remediation professionals. Several inches of water throughout your home amounts to a lot of water. If the depth of the water is 12 inches or more, the weight of the water could weaken the structure’s support beams, making it unsafe for you to enter. Professionals have the necessary experience and equipment to remove large amounts of water from residential structures.


Damage to Support Walls or the Foundation

Standing water or water damage to your home’s foundation or support walls presents a considerable hazard. This situation should be handled by experienced water removal professionals. This includes water in a crawl space, on a slab foundation or in a basement. Any interior or exterior support wall with obvious damage is also a sign to hire professionals for the water cleanup.


Unknown Duration of Damage

Perhaps you were on vacation, or you got a call that your rental property has a water leak. If you do not know when the water damage happened to your home or a property that you own, the damage could be severe. The longer the water sits on the floors or soaks into the walls, the greater the risk of rotted wood and mold growth. If the home has been flooded for more than a day or two, call remediation experts for assistance.


Mold Growth

During the summertime, mold can start to grow within 48 hours of a flood. If you went away for the weekend and came back to water in your house, this is a job for professionals to clean up. Professional-grade water removal and drying equipment gets the moisture out in order to halt the mold growth. Water removal professionals can begin mold removal services in order to restore the home to its original state.


Contaminated Water

If your water damage involves contaminated water, leave this cleanup project to us. Flood waters may be contaminated with animal or human waste. A sewer backup or flood from a broken toilet also involves contaminated water. The bacteria, viruses and parasites in contaminated water could make you, your family or your pets sick. Restoration professionals have the equipment and knowledge to safely remove contaminated water and disinfect your home so that you can safely get back inside as soon as possible.


Other Hazards

Water in your home could create additional hazards, even if the flood does not involve contaminated water. If there is standing water near your furnace or heat pump, walking through it could put you at risk of electrocution. If the water flooding your home is gray or black, it could have hazardous substances in it. Oil, grease or lubricants from your appliances or mechanical systems may be in the water. The water could also have harmful chemicals in it. You should not try to clean up gray or black water yourself. Water removal professionals are trained in the proper safety procedures to remove gray or black flood water from your home.


Emergency Water Removal Services

Aloha Restoration is proud to offer professional water removal restorations throughout the Lake Zurich community and the surrounding areas of Lake County. Within 48 hours, their water removal experts get your home dry so that the restoration process can begin. They serve all types of residential properties, including single-family homes, duplexes and rental properties. Their thorough team removes the water and offers follow-up services in order to fully restore your home or rental property. These 24/7 emergency water removal services keep you, your family and your property safe. Contact Aloha Restoration today in order to learn more about water removal process or to get emergency services.

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