Clearabee Campaigns for Litter and Rubbish Removal London

Clearabee Campaigns for Litter and Rubbish Removal
Clearabee Campaigns London

In the last fifty years litter has increased across London by a massive 500%. A similar growth in packaged goods and fast foods is mainly responsible for the containers that account for at least 70% of litter. It’s hardly surprising that rats are flourishing with numbers reaching an estimated 60 million. The size and density of London’s urban sprawl places the capital’s nine million residents in daily peril of the long-term effects of litter pollution.

How Dangerous is Litter?

In spite of London installing futuristic public litter bins that automatically compress the contents in order to hold even more, there is still excessive litter blowing along the streets. Even an £80 instant fine hasn’t helped to deter people dropping litter. It’s a sad fact that in the UK litter has been the direct cause of the deaths of 70,000 animals with many fatalities in London’s parks. Even the animals themselves are taking action against litter pollution. Recent reports have highlighted the campaign of a Labrador-Rotweiller cross named Maggie who has been steadily clearing Eltham’s Avery Hill Park of recyclable plastic bottles.

Fly Tipping and Rubbish Removal London

There are approximately sixty fly tipping incidents every hour which costs London’s local authorities around £13,000 an hour to clear them. These costs inflate council tax bills which means the local fly tippers are paying dearly for their furtive methods of rubbish removal London. By comparison Clearabee charge much lower affordable rates and offer the convenience of collection saving the time, effort and scheming involved in fly tipping. Black bin bags of household rubbish account for almost three quarters of all fly tipping incidents. The Clearabee campaign for black bag rubbish removal London is based on same-day collections at attractive rates.


Clearing London’s Waterways

The main danger of litter particularly plastic bottles and packaging falling into London’s canals and rivers is that it very quickly flows into the Thames and out into the English Channel and beyond. To save placing marine creatures in even greater peril there are many campaigns to encourage volunteers to help collect litter. Action groups such as Active360 organize Paddle and Pick campaigns around Kew Bridge, Paddington Basin and Brentford. They add an element of fun by teaching basic paddleboard skills to new volunteers who then float their way to litter-picking success.



What’s in a Cigarette?

A discarded portion of cigarette might not seem like a great litter problem in itself yet if all those discarded on just one day were gathered there would be approximately thirty tons in London alone. Cigarettes contain an unappetising cocktail of ingredients such as nicotine, arsenic and cyanide which in high concentrations are an unpleasant addition to the environment. The cellulose acetate they contain can take a decade to decompose.



Cost-Effective Recycling

You don’t need any special equipment to help you collect litter but there’s a selection of grabbers and spikes that help you avoid handling it and prevent severe backache. They are inexpensive tools you might like to use if you live in north-east London and want to join the Beautiful Boroughs campaign by collecting litter. The Clearabee campaign for rubbish removal London emphasises the company’s determination to prevent mountains of litter ending up in a landfill site. Of all the litter, bulky items and black bags of household rubbish that Clearabee collect at least 90% is recycled. Using their affordable, convenient service is a much better way of helping to speed up rubbish removal London.

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