Business – Tips, Trends and Terminology of Business

Business is one of the most popular and oldest activity of mankind. In general term business can be defined as a company, partnership or corporation used to sell, produce and distribute goods and services to customers for making money. In the Business term it’s a system in which goods and services are produced, distribute and exchanged for money, on the basis of their predefined value. Company or corporation, goods, services, money, investment and customers are the backbone of the business.

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In the modern days Business belongs to all financial and economical activities. The basic purpose of business is to produce and distribute goods and services to consumers to generate profits. The base of the business is to make profit to grow the business.



Features of Business
Below are the basic features which effect the operation of a business –

* Any body can operate the business. All business claims should bear by the operating people.

* In the business term ‘Company’ is treated like a real person. All claims should be goes against the company.

* Each country has the different laws for business.

* Business main motto is make profits to grow business.



Types of Business
In the business zone we can find the many types of business. The main categories of business are –

* Mining Business
Provides the raw materials like minerals for other business.

* Agriculture Business
Gives the raw materials supply to other business.

* Financial Business
Makes money by providing the services like Banks, financial institute etc.

* Manufacturing Business
Generate profits by make products from raw materials includes automobiles industry, etc.

* Real estate Businesses
Generate profits from properties, homes, and buildings.

* Information technology
In here we can include online business, software etc.

* Retailers and Distributors
Called the middle-men in business.

* Utilities services
They make the money by providing public services like water, electricity etc.

* Service providers
They provides the consultancy services in various fields. like consultancy etc.

* Transportation businesses
In this types of business goods transport from one place to another.


Slides – The interactive communication and training tool

SLIDES is a revolution in the communication world for any businesses. This interactive communication and training tool allows users to capture and share experiences of presentation room with a remote audience at anytime and anywhere. This wonderful Mobile/tablet friendly cloud-solution tool offer remote facility for users to watch the slides anywhere in this world through iPhones, iPads, PC or Macs without downloading any app. By using iPad apps users of iPad or iPhones can app on their devices through an iPad App store or Windows store so that they can easily use it anytime and anywhere according to their convenience.


Features of Slides
This powerful communication tool is complied with numerous features which benefits the users in plentiful ways. Below here we summarize some features of this amazing tool which make user slide shows and online presentation comes to life –

* Simplification of Training
For growth and development of any type or kind of business training is an essential part. By using this compact tools organization can create rich and interactive training courses for any type of training like General Training, Organizational Training or Training Seasonal Employees in a systematic manner. No matter if employees are out of place or stuck in the traffic jam, they can give training online using this well versatile tool. Regardless of any type or size of organization, this is also a great way to train new employees. By using the powerful features of Slides like synchronizing audio and video in presentation, training becomes the hassle free job for any organization.

* User Defined Control
This tool offers the feature of user defined controls which is very useful to show the presentations according to users need.

* Easy Customization
This user friendly and easy to use tool can be customizing according to user need and branding.

* Free tool
Users and organizations can try the impact of this communication tool for absolutely free of charges.

* Secure Sharing
This well versed tool offers the user password protection to secure their presentations from outside interference.

* Cost effective
By offering training classes to employees anywhere and anytime it’s reducing the cost of training.

* Synchronize
Create rich and interactive training courses by synchronizing audio and video with slides. By using this feature it’s easy to play video & presentation slides side by side.

* Cloud Based Service
To run this powerful tool no other software or apps installation is required.

* Analytics
This tool is enabled with powerful analytics features which help users to track their audience which can be used for constructive feedback and grading students.

* Embed Anywhere
Users can easily insert their presentations anywhere on the web including blogs, sites, social media etc.

* Compatibility
All Platform Access. Compatible with mobile and desktop devices

* New looks of presentation
Users can give their presentation a new look and style by adding Audio/Video with their slides.

* Sharing
It’s easy to share slides worldwide through any kind of device like iPhones, iPads, Smart phones, Windows PCs and Macs.

* Easy Measuring
Businesses can easily measure the impact of Slides tools in their work.