The best choice of the Surrogacy Program

The value of children’s health is of the highest importance, especially when it’s a long-awaited dream of the intended parents. ADONIS Surrogacy is your choice of the best quality treatment, qualitative medical equipment and examination with all-round care. All these facts ensure the safety of your future child from the very beginning of the Surrogacy treatment.

Cost of Surrogacy

The whole facilities and services of ADONIS clinics are aimed to make your treatment comfortable and effective.

ADONIS Surrogate Programs cost is really affordable for everyone, especially when comparing the costs of Surrogacy in the whole world (in the USA or Canada, for example the level of payments is significantly higher).

ADONIS Surrogate Programs cost include the following services:

  • Rigorous examination of the parties involved in treatment (Surrogate mother, intended parents before IVF) on the basis of ADONIS own laboratory with the latest equipment
  • Cryopreservation and storage of the donor material in ADONIS own cryobank (the duration of preservation can vary depending on the chosen Surrogate Program)
  • Donor selection of sperm or egg on request (the important aspect is the genetic relation with the baby of at least one the intended parents in case of Surrogate infertility treatment)
  • Surrogate mother selection from the ADONIS own Surrogate base with only healthy candidates which are ready to start the Program immediately without any delays
  • Safe and controlled Delivery process in the ADONIS own Maternity Hospital with the professionals of the field that ensure the best conditions for the baby and Surrogate mother

Please, pay your attention that every case is unique and special, so the more detailed information according to your personal treatment plan must be prescribed by a professional. The services provided and filling of the Surrogate Programs can vary according to chosen variant.

Successful Surrogacy results for the ADONIS clients

The Success rate of ADONIS IVF Programs in case of Surrogacy is really high and promising. A lot of clients share their experience of the happiest moment of their lives – the baby birth.

The data for 2020 speaks for itself:

60% – Surrogacy with Egg donation

47% – Surrogacy

41% – Surrogacy with delivered Embryos

Exceptional skills and experience of ADONIS staff make the Surrogacy treatment the best variant for many people with fertility problems. The fully legalized procedure is approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The ADONIS own Legal Department provides the all-round support for the whole duration of the treatment. The intended parents have no risks and troubles – only great results as a successful baby birth and full range of parental rights on the newborn.

Cost of Surrogacy can be really overvalued for a number of reasons. Choose the variant that fits you best with the great price/quality ratio. ADONIS can be such a variant for you.

Some simple steps to start the Surrogacy Program and your life become more fulfilled and happy with a beautiful new life nearby.

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