Market Research – The need of the modern business world

Market research is one of the key components of the marketing. In simple term Market Research mean collect the information about the market. In broad sense market research in a well planned activity in which numerous kinds of information is collected about the market or customer trends.

In the modern business zone it’s become one of the key terms of business strategy. It’s a very helpful tool to get the required information about the business and competitions in quick period of time. To achieve the target or set the target Market research is becomes the need of the modern business world.

Importance of Market Research
Market Research

Salient Features of Market Research

* It’s a key factor to get advantage over competitors.
* It’s provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition.
* It’s provides the vital information regarding the current business trends.
* It helps to decide the launch or renovation of market products.

Importance of Market Research

* Need
* Size
* Competition


Methods of Market Research

* Questionnaires
* Group Discussion
* Surveys

Business – Tips, Trends and Terminology of Business

Business is one of the most popular and oldest activity of mankind. In general term business can be defined as a company, partnership or corporation used to sell, produce and distribute goods and services to customers for making money. In the Business term it’s a system in which goods and services are produced, distribute and exchanged for money, on the basis of their predefined value. Company or corporation, goods, services, money, investment and customers are the backbone of the business.

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In the modern days Business belongs to all financial and economical activities. The basic purpose of business is to produce and distribute goods and services to consumers to generate profits. The base of the business is to make profit to grow the business.



Features of Business
Below are the basic features which effect the operation of a business –

* Any body can operate the business. All business claims should bear by the operating people.

* In the business term ‘Company’ is treated like a real person. All claims should be goes against the company.

* Each country has the different laws for business.

* Business main motto is make profits to grow business.



Types of Business
In the business zone we can find the many types of business. The main categories of business are –

* Mining Business
Provides the raw materials like minerals for other business.

* Agriculture Business
Gives the raw materials supply to other business.

* Financial Business
Makes money by providing the services like Banks, financial institute etc.

* Manufacturing Business
Generate profits by make products from raw materials includes automobiles industry, etc.

* Real estate Businesses
Generate profits from properties, homes, and buildings.

* Information technology
In here we can include online business, software etc.

* Retailers and Distributors
Called the middle-men in business.

* Utilities services
They make the money by providing public services like water, electricity etc.

* Service providers
They provides the consultancy services in various fields. like consultancy etc.

* Transportation businesses
In this types of business goods transport from one place to another.